Elements of Quality

Busy kids are happy kids!What gives a music studio quality? What do you look for in music lessons? Harmony Arts has gone to great lengths to deliver a quality musical education that promotes positive family relationships, helps children learn to communicate thoughts with clarity, and helps students develop important attributes such as patience and diligence. But HOW to we go about it?

L – Language. Music is a language, and we teach it as such by immersing our students in it from the moment they enter our studio. A great part of being human is using language to express ourselves. By teaching music as a language, we help children learn how to expressthemselves through music. Language also obviously includes the words we speak to each other. We encourage communication between students and teachers alike to be kind, positive, and helpful.

O – Opportunities. In addition to teaching music, we provide opportunities for our students to share their talents with others, and this starts first and home and in the classroom. We also help them learn how to discover opportunities on their own. We believe performing music and sharing talents is a form of service. We strive to help our students develop the skills to create opportunities and the courage to embrace them.

V – Value. We value the input we receive from parents and families. We continually ask for Parent feedback because we are here to serve your children, and you!  Please continue to provide feedback so we can improve the experience our studio provides! It is our joy and privilege to serve families in our community. Your input enables us to serve you better.

E – Experience. Our teachers are highly trained and prepared in their specific areas. Several hours of training and observation are required of the teacher before s/he can begin teaching.  Our teachers have weekly 1-on-1 meetings with the Director and attend continuous staff training meetings throughout the year. But we know it’s not just about our experience. Our goal is to go beyond just teaching music and help your student experience the freedom musical literacy provides. Lessons build skills. Experience builds character. We strive to fill our classes with lessons that develop skills and experiences that help shape children into creative, uplifting, effective leaders, starting in their own homes.

What do you look for in a program or activity for your child or teen?  We love to hear from you!