-a very solid foundation in rhythm,
-opportunities for exploration on different kinds of drums, barred instruments, and some percussion instruments,
-exposure to various drumming styles, opening the student’s mind to appreciating a variety of percussion work.

For now, the individual instruction will be taught on the djembe, however, we will cover basic percussionist skills for the snare, bass, xylophone, and other symphonic band percussion instruments.

The student will also have 30 minutes in the lab practicing on an electronic drum kit, which is very similar to playing on a drum set.

AND CHECK THIS OUT! We also emphasize drumming composition with the intent of helping our students use drumming for enjoyment and self-expression. With opportunities to write, play, listen, teach, and perform, drum students develop a strong sense of rhythm, discover confidence to improvise and compose, and improve skills.

Our Drum Curriculum has been built on Musikgarten principles, so you can be sure that your experience will be both fun and enriching!

Our Drumming lessons are an individual 60-minute weekly lesson (30 minutes with teacher, 30 minutes in lab on electronic drum kit), and run from March to May. Individual Drum Instruction will also be available during the summer, and also during the next school year.