Fabulous FACT Friday

Hello Fellow Music Friends!

It’s FRIDAY and a great day to share some info to help you along in your musical journey!

PRESCHOOL & MUSIKGARTEN STUDENTS/PARENTS – “Why are you encouraging my child to make silly sounds?”

Vocal Exploration.  Children need opportunities to learn to control their voices.  In Musikgarten, we include many kinds of Vocal Exploration activities.  One of the most basic is imitating the sounds we hear in the Listening Corner.

As children experiment with their voices, they become more aware of their ability to manipulate and use their voice.  Being able to control one’s voice is paramount in learning to sing in tune.  Children need to learn to use their voice in a wide range of pitches, timbres, and sounds.  They first must feel comfortable doing so, and songs are a great way to introduce this kind of exploration in a comfortable way.

One of my favorite songs for encouraging Vocal Exploration is ALLEE GALLOO.  Not only does this song lay the foundation for the first notation the children will read in Music Makers At Home, it gives the child an easy opportunity to begin controlling his/her voice through imitating and trying out a wide range of sounds.

As children grow older in Musikgarten classes, they become aware of the quality of sound they produce with their voice and learn to adjust and control their own sound.  This is vital for developing an expressive and modulated voice for singing and speaking.

Children love to imitate the sounds of animals.  Talk about animals and the sounds they make.  Imitate their sounds vocally.  Sing songs which implement these sounds.  Your child will be having so much fun that he won’t realize the important work he is really doing!  -Nan Croney, 2013