Your Students Say…

Just want to share a comment a student made the other day.

I was in a piano lesson with Tiernynn and we were talking about spot practice.  We discussed how many times you have to play a passage in order to play it well (so that it is FUN to play, of course!)  I asked her, “What if it takes more than 10 repetitions in order for the passage to be fun to play.  Would you be willing to play it that many times?”  After considering what I was asking, she responded, “yes, I think I could do that.”  Then I asked, “What if it takes more than 20 repetitions?  Would you be willing to play it that many times?”  She paused, thinking carefully about this – that IS a lot of repetitions after all!  Then with conviction she stated, “If it meant that the passage would be fun to play, I would be willing to play it AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES.”

I’m SO HAPPY to know this!  Yes, that is what it takes for it to be FUN!  Effort, conviction, repetition, hard work.  Tiernynn, congratulations for learning such an important life lesson so early in life!  You da BOMB!  🙂

Put forth the effort and you WILL reap the rewards!

We really do just have the most thoughtful, hard-working and AWESOME students on the planet, don’t you think?!!!!!